EP029 – Bridging the Gap

We are masters at getting in our own way, when a situation or circumstance seems new or challenging where we have no idea how things are going to turn out for us. Usually because we think that we have never overcome such hurdles before. Today I challenge you to look at your situation differently. Today we will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

EP028 – Is Happiness a Choice?

We often blame others for the way that we feel, making them the reason why we aren’t happy. But is this really the case or do we have more control over our happiness than we once thought. Listen in to hear how you can take control of your happiness.

EP027 – How to make BIG Decisions – Fear vs. Intuition

We are often faced with “Big” decisions in our life. But how do we know, what is the right decision? Is it a heart decision or a head decision? What is the difference? Check this podcast out to hear my experience of decision making and what to pay attention to. You may also benefit from listening to the Lens of Life episode 8 where I explain where our ‘logical’ beliefs come from.

EP026 – What Happened To My Passion?

Have you recently asked yourself. What happened to my passion? You tell yourself that, you used to enjoy your work, you used to be passionate about what you did for a living. Well I explain the reasons why this happens and what you can start doing about it, to pursuing your real passion moving forward.

EP025 – Are You Ready To Follow Your Passion? Then we need to talk!

I realized today that I need you. I need to have a conversation with people like you. People who are ready to take the leap from doing whatever it is they do, to doing something that truly makes them happy, satisfied and fulfilled. If you are that person? Please, Please, Please, listen to this short podcast and then get in contact with me.

EP024 – Don’t Drag Your Past Into 2018

When we close off an old year we often dwell on what didn’t go our way in the year that was and drag it into the year that will be. This has a stifling effect on creating the reality that we are seeking.
When we focus on the past we will keep it present in our reality.
So if you are ready for an amazing 2018, you need to let go of what was, to let in what you want.

EP023 – Stop & Breathe

If you have noticed that you are going non-stop this holiday season and are frantically trying to get everything done before the holidays. Stop and give yourself a little gift. Simply Stop and Breathe! I share my experience that happened just yesterday, in the panic that can be the holiday preparation madness.

EP022 – Start Being You

Ever watch a movie that makes you stop and think? I recently watched the Netflix documentary “Jim and Andy” (twice in 24 hrs). There are so many thought provoking ideas and concepts in this film, it made my head spin. One of the topics was talking about the character that we portray to the public to be “successful” or to be loved. But at what cost? In today’s podcast I share my experience of this movie and talk about what is truly necessary for you to be happy.

EP021 – Back to Basics

When do you need to stop and slow down, in your life and in your business? What triggers you to take a long hard look at what you are doing and how you are doing it, for you to make changes? And maybe just maybe you might need to go back to the basics.  Listen-in as I see the signs that I needed, to take a step back and go back to the basics.

EP020 – What Makes You An Expert?

I often get asked how I can coach someone through a challenge that I am not an expert.  In todays episode, I tell you exactly why I don’t need to be that expert.  And what my role is in supporting my clients.  Plus I share where you can find my latest Free training and how you can get your hands on it.