EP038 – Structure Continued…

After recording yesterday’s podcast I felt like I left this topic so unfinished, so I decided to let it all out. So in this continuation on structure, I explore different possibilities for structure and what you need to focus on, to help you create structures that are supportive for you. FYI Structure doesn’t have to be restrictive…

EP037 – The Importance of Structure

If you have an area of your life that isn’t satisfactory, I can guarantee you, that you lack some structure that will support you in improving that area. So if you are tired of letting life happen to you in this fast paced world, living in a reactive manner and you are ready to start living life for you? Then checkout today’s podcast where I talk about the importance of structure and some ways that you can start structuring your life to help you smooth some of these areas out.

EP035 – What’s Your Why

Do you know your why? The driving force behind why you do what you do? In this episode I discuss how your why, purpose and vision all support you in living the life you were meant to. Without knowing your why, you will likely fail at any given endeavour, you set-out to achieve. If this or similar topics about living into your fullest potential peak your interest? Then check us out on Facebook in the Find Your Way Community group.

EP034 – A New Way to Vision

Visioning is critical for us so we can chart a course for our lives. To give us focus and direction so that our daily actions have meaning. So, depending on how you vision, you could be setting yourself-up for disappointment. Many of us, have a very checklist approach to visioning; I want a nice car or a house or I want my managers job by the time I’m 30… However, this is a very unsatisfying and unsustainable approach to visioning. Listen to todays’ podcast on how I invite you to vision. A way that sets you up to see miracles in everyday life. And if you like what you hear, check-out my facebook group “The Find Your Way Community” where I dive deeper into this and many other topics to help my group to find their own way.

EP033 – When The Going Gets Tough…

When the going gets tough how do you respond? Do you know what your typical reactions are? If you do, you can flip the switch on your situations and make the changes necessary to turn your situations around. If you don’t, you will likely continue to struggle in that area of your life that you truly want to change. Listen in to my experience of catching myself in an avoidance strategy that kept me stuck this weekend.

EP032 – The Power of Intention

Our Intentions are super powerful if we can simply let go of the all the conditions we feel we need to control, for an outcome to be realized. Like, who’s going to do it? How’s it going to happen? When’s it going to happen? Where’s the money coming from?
We have been conditioned overtime to believe, that we need to do all this work in order for us to get the result we desire. Listen to my latest experience as to what I did and how easy it all came together. When i simply let go of having to figure it all out.
Also if you want to join the Facebook Group I mentioned in this podcast, check it out here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2087515084865894/

EP029 – Bridging the Gap

We are masters at getting in our own way, when a situation or circumstance seems new or challenging where we have no idea how things are going to turn out for us. Usually because we think that we have never overcome such hurdles before. Today I challenge you to look at your situation differently. Today we will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.