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Find Your Way Program

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This Program will  give you the structure, skills and support necessary to help you clarify your life purpose and finally have the confidence to follow it.  Details inside....

Kick-Start Your Fulfillment Program

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This Program will  give you a kick-start on your life fulfillment. Learn and apply the three most impactful practices that I share with my 1-on-1 clients, to help them to live the life they were meant to. Details inside....


Schedule a Discovery Session

Schedule a Discovery Session
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Unapologetically Me - Podcast

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The “Unapologetically Me” podcast is geared towards helping you live a fulfilling and satisfying life, instead of living a life that you have simply tolerate. No matter where you are on that journey to living a better life, whether it be; just waking-up to the possibilities of more; to knowing what you want; to being well along your path to fulfillment, Ian will be there to support you. Ian has made this transition for himself and although he hasn’t figured everything out yet. He is willing to share his journey, his successes, his miss steps and anything in between in an effort to help you live-into your fullest potential. Ian’s mission is to have a “Ripple Effect” on humanity where he can help as many people as possible to discover their purpose and then take the necessary steps to living in alignment with that purpose. Because when people do what they love, they show-up happier and more satisfied which has a positive cascading affect on anyone on their path, from family to friends to colleagues to employees to their children and beyond. So if you are looking for a better life, check out this podcast for stories, inspiration and practical tools that you can use in your day to day existence, to find your path, stay on your path or blaze your own trail.


Workshops / Public Speaking

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One-on-One Coaching

NEW***** UNLIMITED LASER COACHING for 1 FULL YEAR   Click Here to find out more

Interested in working together? or simply want to have a conversation about how I can specifically help you to live the life you were meant to.  Click Here to find out more


Live Your Life On Purpose Programs

Coming Soon ~ I will be providing a link here for a more detailed description of these programs above.  Sorry guys I'm spending much more time serving my clients than I am updating my website.  So stay tuned....


Ian is a skilled, caring and intuitive coach.  He pairs non-threatening lightness and humor with astute on-target observations that enable growth and forward movement.  I highly recommend Ian to anyone looking to have a better life."

Dale Davison , Strategic Life Planning Coach

Ian is a wonderful coach with a warm, friendly manner who has skillfully encouraged, challenged, and supported me....  If you have a dream you're ready to make part of your life, I highly recommend working with Ian to get the support you need to make this vital change for yourself now

E.S., Life Transitions Coach