Dr. Guillaume Desjardins Dr. Guillaume Desjardins, Rockland Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

Before I meet Ian, I was stuck and frustrated with everyday issues in my life and business. However, since being coached by Ian, I don’t feel stuck anymore.  I now feel and understand, that by asking myself the right questions, I can get the answers I need, so that I spend less time being stuck and more time moving towards my goals.  Ian is an excellent coach and I think everyone should have a coach to support them in their life and relationships.

Eve Siegel, Life Transitions Coach, Kailas Life Coaching

Ian is a wonderful coach with a warm, friendly manner who has skillfully encouraged, challenged, and supported me....  If you have a dream you're ready to make part of your life, I highly recommend working with Ian to get the support you need to make this vital change for yourself now

Dale Davison Dale Davison, Strategic Life Planning Coach

Ian is a skilled, caring and intuitive coach.  He pairs non-threatening lightness and humor with astute on-target observations that enable growth and forward movement.  I highly recommend Ian to anyone looking to have a better life."

Bernadette Wesley

Ian has a refreshing none scripted approach to coaching, free of gimmicks, where he responded directly to me. He let me go off and while he held the space for me and he would bring me back with a real poignant question.