Who Do I Serve

  • ANYONE... who has a Dream, Goal or Desire and is willing to do what is necessary to get there
  • Coaches wanting to get to the next level in their career or business
  • Amateur coaches who want to improve their coaching skills so that they can support those closest to them

More Specifically Who Do I Serve and Why?

I want to support people in following their dreams/life path (or reawaken those desires) so that they can live the life they were meant to lead.  I am a living example of this very phenomenon, as I have left the 'secure job' in order to pursue my 'passion' of coaching and to live a life full of wealth, abundance, prosperity and balance; doing the things that bring me joy, love, connection and freedom.  By-the-way, when I use the words wealth etc, I am speaking not only about money, but the richness that comes from, family and joy when living life to its' fullest.

I also teach people how they can use coaching in their everyday interactions to support them in having better relationships (Amateur or Professional coaches ).  Coaching isn't rocket science (maybe I shouldn't be saying this...).  But coaching can be taught, applied and used to support anyone.  Anyone who is willing to apply a few concepts and to practice them into a new way of being that in conversation, that supports themselves and those who they connect with.

I want to help other coaches/business owners and people of influence, to get to the next level, so that they can show-up in the world and make an even greater impact with their audience.  As someone who is constantly getting in and out of his own way, I am learning day-by-day what it takes to take on new challenges and to push myself beyond the limits of what I believe to be possible.  However sometimes, we don't always acknowledge or own limits or even see the limitations we are constraining ourselves with.  So I am here to challenge those assumed limits and to help people to go deeper into their "why".  Why are you doing what you do?  What could be bigger, what could be more? And what is getting in your way of achieving that next level?

How Do I Serve

I Help people to get out of their own way.   I truly believe that WE are our own biggest obstacle to our success and if we can just have a conversation to sort out who we are and what is important to us.... we can uncover those self imposed blocks that keep us stuck and stagnant.  And what I do as your coach, is ask you the questions that unlock your own inner knowing.  I trust that we all have our own best answers to our own problems just beneath the surface.  And I am absolutely amazed (although I shouldn't be) is that without fail, my clients get exactly what they need most for themselves each and every time we connect during a session.

You see I have honed my skills as a coach and teacher and when I am fully present and connected I am able to gain access to wisdom far beyond my cognitive capacity and I draw-in information through my intuition to support each and everyone of my clients in a very unique way.


My 5 Step Process To Support Your Growth

  • Awareness - This is the first step in order to any change to be possible
  • Acknowledgement - This is a deeper understanding of what this new awareness is doing and how it affects you
  • Allowing - This is where we open ourselves up to the possibility of what we need and want to come to us and for us to be open to spotting it when it arrives
  • Action - This is where we breakdown the action steps into manageable chucks to proceed
  • Actualize - This is where you can recognize the changes that have taken place and where you can see and feel your current state of being that you desired in the first place
  • Then you begin the cycle again and again

And my goal here is to help move you through this cycle as many times as necessary for you to achieve what is most important to you.